Embrace the Impact: SNHU Ice Hockey Inks Alex on Team IMPACT Signing Day

Embrace the Impact: SNHU Ice Hockey Inks Alex on Team IMPACT Signing Day



December 22, 2016

VIDEO: Alex's Signing Day

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VIDEO: Ken Hutchins Pregame Speech following Alex's Signing Day

MANCHESTER, N.H. — The Southern New Hampshire ice hockey team has announced the addition of Alex Gabree (Bedford, N.H.) to its roster. Gabree officially joined the Penmen through Team IMPACT, a non-profit organization based in Quincy, Massachusetts that matches children who have life-threatening or chronic illnesses with collegiate sports teams.

Senior captain Jay Sylvia (pictured with Alex) was excited about having Gabree joining the team, “We've always had a close relationship with Team IMPACT, beginning with CJ Davies my freshman year and now Alex."

“Alex has gone through more in 10 years than most of us will have to face in our lifetime. To have an opportunity to be a part of his life, and for him to inspire our team on a daily basis, is an honor for myself and my teammates.”

Gabree was introduced by head coach Ken Hutchins through a formal press conference, where he signed his letter of intent to become a member of the team before joining his Southern New Hampshire teammates in the locker room. After receiving his uniform, settling into his locker and taping his new stick, Gabree took part in the pregame dynamic warmup and soccer game.

"We're honored to have Alex join our team," Hutchins said. "He's a great kid, and we're looking forward to developing an unconditional loving relationship that will hopefully last forever."

Gabree was diagnosed at birth with Phenylketonuria (PKU), a rare inherited disorder that causes an amino acid called phenylalanine to build up in the body. When a person with PKU eats foods that are high in protein, he or she may have a dangerous build up, which can be toxic to the central nervous system. When left untreated, PKU patients are at risk of severe neurological complications, including IQ loss, memory loss, concentration problems, and mood disorders.

Reporting for this release provided by the Southern New Hampshire athletic communications staff


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